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Haku from Naruto

Haku from Naruto

Predominant Colors

Half Wan White
Magentaish Black
Flat Medium Blue
Grey Chateau
Triple Tapa
Dark Grayish Sapphire Blue

About Haku from Naruto

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Content details
TitleHaku from Naruto
DescriptionHaku is Zabuza Momochi's right hand man and most faithful follower. Before he started working for Zabuza, Haku lived as an orphan. After wandering from place to place for a time he was found by Zabuza. He recognized Haku's talents and agreed to take him in as a tool. As a result, Haku becomes unquestioningly protective of and loyal to Zabuza, and only by being useful does he find a purpose in life. He ultimately gives his life in his mission to be useful to Zabuza, becoming a human shield to protect his master from Kakashi Hatake's Lightning Blade. Haku's genetic inheritance, Hyōton (literally Ice Release), allows him to mix wind and water elements to create ice. He commonly uses this ability to surround an enemy with ice mirrors that he can freely merge with and instantly move between. He then bombards them with needles, and with his superb accuracy, he can hit pressure points to put opponents in a death-like state. This reflects his pacifistic nature; despite being a ninja and Zabuza's tool of battle, Haku dislikes fighting and does all that he can to subdue opponents without actually killing them.
EventAnime Mid-Atlantic 2013
CopyrightYenra Corporation 2013
Technical details
Focal Length85.0 mm
Shutter Speed1/1600
Camera ModelNIKON D600
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.9 (Windows)
Camera ProfileCamera Vivid
Color Temperature4600
Create Date2013:06:14 11:36:38
Lens85.0 mm f/1.4
Lens IDAF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G

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