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Trish, a humanoid demon who resembles Dante's dead mother, was created by the demon emperor Mundus. She has enhanced strength and agility, accelerated healing and the ability to use lightning. Trish is voiced by Sarah Lafleur in Devil May Cry, Danielle Burgio in Devil May Cry 4 and in the anime by Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese version) and Luci Christian (English version).


Trish is introduced in Devil May Cry, where she hires Dante to help stop Mundus' plan to conquer the human world by opening a gate to the demon world on Mallet Island. Later in the game, Dante learns that she is actually Mundus' servant and her resemblance to Eva is part of a plan to lure Dante to the island so Mundus' servants can kill him. However, she is attracted to Dante and helps him defeat Mundus. In the game's epilogue, she and Dante are shown working in the renamed "Devil Never Cry" office. In The Animated Series she works alone, occasionally with Dante (who has given her an open invitation to return). Trish appears in the Devil May Cry Volume 2 novel as an alternate, self-serving Mundus. She is a playable character in a bonus section of Devil May Cry 2, separate from the game's plot, in the PlayStation 2 version of Viewtiful Joe (in which Dante also appears), in the PlayStation Portable Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble and the crossover fighting games Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Trish reappears in Devil May Cry 4, again working with Dante. She disguises herself as Gloria, an executive with the Holy Knights of the Order of Sparda (a religious organization which worships Sparda).