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Tear Grants of Tales of the Abyss, full name Mystearica Aura Fende, is 16 and is a Locrian Sergeant of the Order of Lorelei in the Intelligence Division and is the sister of the primary antagonist Van.


In the game's beginning she tries killing but upon crossing blades with his student Luke, a hyperrresonance occurs sending the two of them to Malkuth territory. While initially she escorts Luke back to Kimlasca, she becomes a recurring character as her superior, Mohs, orders her to go to Akzeriuth where Luke is also headed. She is extremely disciplined and feels compelled to be a soldier at all times, though she is sometimes unable to repress her feminine side which is often expressed in her interest in cute things. She is also a descendant of Yulia and can sing Yulia's Fonic Hymns. In moving the Outer Land to the Qluiphoth, she absorbs miasma which causes her body to be weakened and near dead. However, she is saved by Ion. She eventually falls in love with Luke who requested him to watch over him, and confesses her feelings to him at the end of the game. Her Japanese voice actress is Yukana, while her English voice actress is Nicole Karrer.