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Bleach character Szayelaporro Grantz (Szayel Aporro Granz) is the Octava Espada.


The aspect of death he represents is madness, which is displayed through his "mad scientist" personality. The remains of his hollow mask take the form of rectangular-framed glasses, and his hollow hole is located in his groin. He thinks highly of himself and often follows his plans down to the finest detail. He is quite sadistic and views others as little more than research material (a characteristic he shares with Mayuri Kurotsuchi), thinking poorly of non-hollows with the hope that Aizen would wipe them all out. Previously, he lost a position as an Espada and was forced to aid Nnoitora to take out Nelliel to regain his membership in the order. Szayelaporro has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents using parasites that serve like cameras. Once doing so, Szayelaporro can nullify the effects of their abilities, making him virtually immune to their attacks. In addition to the immunities gained from studying his opponents, Szayelaporro has a large number of Fracciones which were originally hollows whom he experimented on and personally modified so that he can heal his wounds by eating them.