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Sora Naegino is the main protagonist of Kaleido Star.


Her parents took her to Kaleido Stage as a child. Although they died shortly thereafter, and Sora was adopted by her father's cousin and his wife, Sora is inspired by this childhood memory to become a member of the Stage when she reaches adulthood. With her adoptive parent's hesitant approval she travels to the United States to audition. After Sora's luggage is stolen, she stops the thief but is late to the audition. After being depressed due to her failed performance, the owner Kalos, having seen her chase earlier, convinces her to perform in the actual show. Most of the cast, including Layla Hamilton, are dissatisfied with Sora due to the special circumstances through which she joins; they accept Sora due to her persistence and hard work along with her magnetic personality, as well as performing a stunt called "The Golden Phoenix".


Sora is voiced by Ryo Hirohashi (Japanese) and Cynthia Martinez (English).