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Simca (シムカ Shimuka) of Air Gear, also known as Simca the Swallow (Tsubame no Shimuka) and the "Migratory Bird", is the leader of the group.


She is the twin sister of Kilik and a first generation gravity child. She was part of Tool Toul To until after Sleeping Forest is destroyed and eventually works under Nike. She takes great interest in Ikki, whom she believes is destined to one day become the legendary Sky King. She eventually has her hair cut short, abandons her usual care-free attitude, and focuses on strengthening Ikki, all out of her new found love for him. She is soon attacked by Sleeping Forest, however, and temporarily placed into a wheelchair.


After Sora and Nike take over, she attempts to help Kogarasumaru enter the tournament, and she and Ikki promise to ride together afterward. Ine once exclaimed that Kururu (The New Pledge Queen) had tuning abilities equal to Simca; Simca was meant to be the succeeding Pledge Queen after Ine, but she left Tool Toul To after the breakdown of the old Sleeping Forest. Early in the manga, Ikki fell in love with her, and she constantly appears naked to him or allows him to hug her while she's naked as a reward. This is done much to Ringo's chagrin.

Simca is voiced by Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Monica Rial (English) (TV), Ayako Kawasumi (OVA)