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Serah Farron from Final Fantasy XIII is an 18-year-old human from Cocoon.


After their parents die years prior to the start of the game, Lightning, then still called Claire, raises Serah and sets out to become a protector for her, but her devotion to that goal causes tensions between them. Eventually, Serah becomes engaged to Snow days prior to the start of the game, and Lightning strongly objects to their relationship.


In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah is the only one who remembers Lightning being on Gran Pulse after she is taken to Valhalla, with all the others believing she sacrificed herself to save Cocoon. She eventually becomes a teacher in the village of New Bodhum, the town she and Snow help build on Gran Pulse, before it is invaded by monsters three years after the fall of Cocoon. Serah is aided by Noel Kreiss, who tells her of Lightning's fate and his own mission. After Serah accepts Noel's offer to be brought to Lightning, the two embark on a journey across time to find her sister.


Early in the development of XIII, Serah was meant to be a playable character, but was eventually delegated to a supporting character because of technical issues.

Serah is voiced by Laura Bailey in English and by Minako Kotobuki in Japanese.