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SeeU was released as the first and only Korean vocal for the Vocaloid 3 software, being one of the four release date vocals released when the Vocaloid4 software launched on October 21, 2011. She was capable of Korean and Japanese and released by SBS Artech based on the voice of Kim Dahee (Glam).


Throughout pre-Vocaloid 3 release promotions, SBS stood by a claim that you can recreate English with SeeU's Korean voicebank, and in Dec 2011 even went so far to say SeeU is actually "trilingual", although the comment seemed odd as SeeU had only two voicebanks. In Feb 2012 they stated that they were working on a full English voicebank. On August 2012, SBS reported that the recordings for the voicebank had been completed and was now going through a tuning process. Her English VB will be similar to an append and her design slightly adjusted. On February 4th 2013, in response to a Korean fan's question about the progress of English Voicebank, SBS posted a reply that the development of English Voicebank is on hold. Reasons for this are currently unknown.