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Robbie Valentino of Gravity Falls (voiced by T.J. Miller) is a local teenage punk rocker boy who is Dipper's primary rival for Wendy's affections.


He has a cynical attitude toward most characters, and despite his neglect to listen to Wendy while playing a video game in the episode "Fight Fighters," he has been shown to genuinely care for Wendy. Robbie and Wendy were dating for a time which annoyed Dipper. However, in the episode "Boyz Crazy," Dipper managed to break them up when he informed Wendy that the song Robbie wrote for her had a backmasked mind-controlling message, although Wendy was most upset that the song wasn't written for her. After the break up, Robbie seemed greatly upset about losing her, though his attempts to win her back have only caused her to stay annoyed with him. As of the episode "The Love God", he has given up his efforts to win back Wendy, as he is now in a relationship with Tambry.