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My Little Pony's Queen Chrysalis is the main antagonist of the two-part second season finale "A Canterlot Wedding".


Voiced by: Kathleen Barr, Britt McKillip (while disguised as Princess Cadance)

She is the malicious, power-hungry Queen of the Changelings, a fairy-race of beings which take on the appearance of a pony, feeding off of and gaining power from the love directed towards them.


She resembles an alicorn, has a black carapace body, green-blue mane, sharp fangs, and holes all over her legs and wings. It is demonstrated on several occasions that she and the other Changelings have the power to draw energy from any source of love in the vicinity, not just from other ponies. By impersonating Princess Cadance, she feeds off Shining Armor's love to become even more powerful than Celestia, whom she defeats in battle, but she is defeated and blasted out of Equestria by Shining Armor and the real Cadance with the power of their love.