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Pichu, known as the "Tiny Mouse" species of Pokemon, are the pre-evolved version of Pikachu.


Pichu is a small ground-dwelling rodent. Its fur is very short, and it has bright yellow coloration. The tips of its large ears are black, and it has additional black markings on its neck and short tail. They are not skilled at storing electricity, so when amused or startled, they often discharge jolts of electricity strong enough to affect adult humans, and may even electrocute themselves. This lack of control becomes more stable as they grow older. The electricity that they do manage to keep stored is limited by their small electrical pouches in their cheeks. When the air is dry or on stormy days, they charge much more easily, leaving the sound of crackling static electricity emanating from them. They play with each other by touching tails to set off sparks, which also acts as a test of courage. They run the risk of shorting each other out, and scaring themselves into a crying fit with the flash of sparks that emanates from them.