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Nova of Magic Knight Rayearth is daughter of Lady Debonair and is an anime-only villainess.


She is rather slender with pink hair and elf ears, and appears to be close in age to the three heroines. Throughout the series, Nova gives the impression of being an unstable character, often switching between expressing affection and giving death threats in the space of a heartbeat.


Frequent hints about a hidden bond between Nova and Hikaru escalate until the truth is revealed in the culmination of the second season: Nova is really a shadow of Hikaru's heart and is like her opposite. When Hikaru couldn't cope with the fact that she killed Princess Emeraude, Nova was created in that instant. Since the Magic Knights left shortly after, Nova was left behind in Cephiro, searching in vain for Hikaru. Debonair then came and told Nova she would treat her as her own daughter, and that since Hikaru would be overjoyed to die with her loved ones, Nova should kill them all. Therefore, Nova "hates" everyone Hikaru loves. Conversely, Hikaru hates herself for her actions, thus Nova loves Hikaru. Near the end of the series, Nova returns to Hikaru's heart.

Nova's character was created by Toshihiro Hirano. She was originally one of his characters from a different anime that was never realized and produced.

She is named after the Chevrolet Nova.

Voiced by: Miki Itō (Japanese), Dorothy Melendrez (English)