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Kill la Kill character.

Nonon Jakuzure (Jakuzure Nonon)

Voiced by: Mayumi Shintani (Japanese), Sarah Anne Williams (English)


Nonon regulates the school's non-athletic clubs, such as the gardening and biology clubs.[ep 5] Among the members of the Elite Four, she has been with Satsuki since kindergarten and thus claims that she knows her best.[ep 5] She possesses the three-star Goku Uniform Symphony Regalia (Kanade no Sō), which transforms into a giant sound system that produces powerful soundwaves and can transform into a flying airship.[ep 10] Later, she receives an upgraded version, Symphony Regalia MK.II, that miniaturizes the airship in a jetpack.[ep 15] Her ultimate uniform is Symphony Regalia: Finale.[ep 23]