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Natsu (凪津) from SoulCalibur is a young ninja and the disciple of Taki.


She wields two kodachi and harbors the demon Arahabaki (荒吐鬼?) inside her, who was sealed by Taki after his previous container was killed. Because of this, she was treated as an outcast by her community and was very shy as a young girl, though she eventually grew her confidence with the help of Taki. After Taki failed to return from a mission, promising to return within two weeks, Natsu grew worried, and after Leixia arrived at Fu-Ma village gates, she became a bodyguard to Leixia, hoping she could find her beloved master along the way.

Natsu is confirmed to be a playable character in Project X Zone 2. She is the first Soulcalibur character confirmed to be playable.