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Mimi Tachikawa from Digimon Adventure is a member of the original DigiDestined.


She is characterized by her blunt and outspoken nature. Mimi lives with her parents in Odaiba as an only child, although an error occurs in the English dub where Mimi mentions having a baby brother. Mimi was most affected by the events taking place around The DigiDestined, to the point where she refused to fight as she did not want any more of their Digimon friends from getting hurt. However, she eventually realizes that she has to fight in order to save the Digital World.

When Mimi is separated from the rest of her group after Devimon divides File Island into separate fragments, she remains with Palmon during this time until they reunite with the rest of their group at The Primary Village after protecting T.K. from Leomon who had been under the control of a Black Gear at the time. Soon afterwards, Mimi and the others learn about their role as the DigiDestined and subsequently defeat Devimon after T.K.'s partner digimon, Patamon digivolves to Angemon.