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Maria Kurenai of Vampire Knight is a very distant relative of Shizuka Hio.


Ypmidn00316 as Maria Kurenai from Vampire Knight at Anime USA 2013

She allows Shizuka to possess her body in exchange for being allowed to drink Shizuka's blood, which would strengthen her weak body; though Maria becomes healthier thanks to Shizuka's blood, she will lapse back into a weakened state in daylight. She seems to be fond of Ichiru Kiryu, and she hugs Zero when she mistakes him for Ichiru. She asks Yuki to tell Zero that if he sees Ichiru, to tell him Maria wants to see him again. She returns to her family after Shizuka's death, and when she sends an owl out to search for Ichiru she witnesses Kaname's destruction of the Senate, and proceeds to spread the news.


Maria returns to Cross Academy to support Yuki and the Night Class. She notices the changes in Zero and Yuki's relationship and tells Yuki she intends to take Zero. She becomes closer to Zero, seeking him out and finding the presence of his twin within him. She helps Yuki with retrieving Sara's blood tablets from the Night Class, and tells Yuki that she can't cure Zero's hunger. The two discover Hanadagi's servant, and Zero shows up and orders her to take her to Kaito. Maria encounters Ruka and Kain, and attempts to attack them, but they tell her that they are just passing through.

In the English version, Shizuka maintained Maria's normal voice when posing as her; however, when she was serious, her voice would deepen, sounding more mature.

Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)