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Mari Illustrious Makinami is an enigmatic Neon Genesis Evangelion pilot introduced in Rebuild of Evangelion's second installment Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.


Mari from Evangelion

She is the confident and eccentric pilot of the Provisional Evangelion Unit-05, which differs drastically from previous incarnations, featuring four mechanical "legs" that end in wheels and a lack of hands which have been replaced with a jousting lance and "claw". Because of its unique design, Mari pilots her Eva wearing a helmet-like contraption, and the wrists of her plugsuit have several attachments that connect to tubing that apparently helps her in moving the EVA. Even while piloting Unit-02, her pink plugsuit features a symbolized 5 on the back. She has poor vision, wearing glasses at all times and having difficulty finding them when dropped after colliding with Shinji while parachuting. Mari's designation amongst the other Children is mysterious, though she is once referred to as "Problem Child". She self-destructs Unit-05 to defeat one of the Angels in the film's opening, but manages to escape unharmed. During the film's climax, she uses Unit-02 to battle the 10th Angel but is unable to, she sees Shinji who, after seeing the destruction, runs to NERV HQ. She has a fondness for LCL, telling Shinji, "You smell good... Smell of LCL." She also differs from the other pilots as she takes things in great strides as a pilot, even the immense pains of being attacked while synced with an EVA, falling on Shinji while using a parachute, smiling when the 3rd impact seems inevitable, and even singing a song in Unit-05 when about to fight an Angel. Since Toji did not pilot an Eva in the Rebuild series, Mari is sometimes referred to as the "Fourth Child" of the series by fans, but this has not been referenced in official material.