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The Mad Hatter from Burton's Alice in Wonderland


The Mad Hatter is a major character in Tim Burton's 2010 film adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland." The character is based on the Hatter from Lewis Carroll's original books, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass." In this interpretation, the character is given the name Tarrant Hightopp.

The Hatter is portrayed by Johnny Depp, and as with many of Depp's roles, he brings a distinctive eccentricity to the character. Burton's Mad Hatter has an exaggerated, flamboyant style with wild, frizzy orange hair, pale white skin, and large, vibrant green eyes.

Tarrant Hightopp is a master of ceremonies in Underland, the actual name of Wonderland. He was a close friend of the White Queen, but his life takes a turn for the worse when the Red Queen seizes the throne. In the film, it is revealed that the Hatter has gone "mad" due to mercury poisoning, a nod to real-world milliners of the past who often suffered mercury poisoning from the use of the metal in hat manufacturing. His madness is portrayed through his often erratic and unpredictable behavior.

Despite his madness, the Mad Hatter is deeply loyal and kindhearted. He recognizes Alice as the same girl who had visited Underland years before and helps her throughout her journey to end the Red Queen's reign. He's able to remember the past vividly, both the good times and the tragic ones, and displays a deep sense of remorse for the state of Underland under the Red Queen's rule.

In the sequel, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (2016), the Mad Hatter plays a significant role once again, and the narrative delves into his backstory, revealing more about his family and his past.