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Lirin of Saiyuki is Kougaiji's half-sister and Gyokumen Koushou's daughter.


She deeply admires Kougaiji, and overall is like a female Son Goku in personality, though she's far more naive than even him. Although she likes fighting, she's also extremely friendly. Lirin is highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter, but she isn't very smart and as running gag Sanzo "defeats" her just by tossing her a meat bun which she focuses on instead of fighting. Kougaiji is also used to this tactic, diverting her from her assistance by promising to bring her back food from his trip. When Kougaiji's group fights Sanzo's group, she's usually seen on Sanzo's shoulders. Sanzo views her as another monkey, like Son Goku.


In the Japanese versions, she is portrayed by Kaoru Morota in the original series and by Tomoko Kawakami in Reload and Reload: Gunlock. In the English versions, she is voiced by Hilary Haag in the original series, by M.A. Lovestedt in Reload and by Cindy Robinson in Reload: Gunlock.