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Kirlia is the larger and more developed evolved form of the Ralts Pokemon species, introduced in the third generation of Pokémon media in the fictional Hoenn region.


Its appearance and mannerisms are evocative of a ballet dancer. Kirlia's brain is very highly developed, and Kirlia can employ psychokinetic powers which are amplified by the red horns on its head. When Kirlia uses its power, the air around it becomes distorted, creating mirages of nonexistent scenery. Kirlia's appearance and mood are heavily determined by the mood of its trainer. If the trainer is cheerful and happy, Kirlia will also be happy, and will spin and dance. The happier the trainer is, the more beautiful Kirlia will become. Likewise, a heartless trainer will result in a weak and saddened Kirlia, and its powers will have decreased significantly.

  • Number: 281
  • Type: Psychic/Fairy
  • Evolves from: Ralts
  • Evolves into: Gardevoir/Gallade