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Karma is a champion in the popular online multiplayer game League of Legends, developed by Riot Games.


Photo by Yenra

She is known as the Enlightened One and is depicted as a mage with a unique blend of supportive and offensive abilities. "Your spirit is something no one can take from you. Use it wisely." -- Karma


Photo by Yenra

Karma hails from Ionia, a region within the game's lore known for its spiritual and mystical aspects. Her character design features traditional Ionian attire, emphasizing elegance and grace, and she is recognized for her signature fans, which she uses as a conduit for her magical powers.

In gameplay, Karma is versatile, often played in the support role but capable of being a formidable mage in the mid-lane. Her abilities focus on a mix of damage, crowd control, and buffs for her allies. A unique aspect of her skill set is the Mantra ability, which enhances her other abilities, allowing for tactical flexibility and strategic depth in battles. Karma is valued for her ability to impact team fights significantly with her shield and tether abilities, making her a valuable asset in various team compositions.

Karma's character in League of Legends is not only a reflection of her in-game abilities but also embodies themes of balance, harmony, and the power of will. She is portrayed as a leader and a figure of inspiration in her lore, fighting to bring peace and unity to her homeland. Karma's presence in the game brings a sense of serenity and determination, resonating with players who appreciate a character that combines inner strength with outward elegance.