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Kanako Yasaka from the Touhou Project


Officially, a goddess of mountain who inhabits the Moriya Shrine. But in reality goddess of wind and rain. she is based on the Japanese god Yasakatome no Mikoto. As faith in gods in the outside world declined, she decided to move the Moriya Shrine to Gensokyo's Yōkai Mountain, rather than simply be forgotten and fade away. She quickly acquired faith from the yōkai on the mountain — though some would just call it friendship. To acquire the faith of the humans and yōkai living elsewhere in Gensokyo as well, she sent her priestess Sanae to the Hakurei Shrine. She wears a snake-patterned shimenawa as her trademark, symbolizing her victory over Suwako long ago, in addition to removable pillars on her back. In the events before Touhou 11, she was the one that sent the Yatagarasu to Utsuho Reiuzi so Kanako and Suwako could start their Mountain Industrial Revolution project using nuclear fusion power with the kappa. The project was a complete success.