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Jin from Samurai Champloo is a 6-foot tall, 20-year-old man who wields a Katana and Wakizashi, and spent the majority of his life training in kenjutsu dojos.


Unlike Mugen, it is legal for him to carry a daisho, as he is of the samurai class. His swords have a lightning and twin-eyed design on the tsuba. He wears traditional hakama and gi in indigo blue patterned with a white diamond kamon made up of four small white diamonds. His kamon closely resembles that of the great Takeda Clan, leading to speculation that his family origins may be of nobility. He wears glasses but Fuu states that they are "for show", indicating Jin wears them as an accessory rather than actually needing them.

When he was eighteen, he was to be assassinated in his sleep by his sensei, Mariya Enshirou, at Kariya Kagetoki's insistence. However, Jin killed Mariya in self-defense and fled the dojo, becoming a ronin.

His Japanese voice actor is Ginpei Sato. His voice actor in the English version is Kirk Thornton.