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Haseo is an Adept Rogue "Player Killer Killer" and the main protagonist of the .hack//G.U. video game series and the .hack//Roots anime series.


He joins the game and he is quickly hunted by player killers until he joins with Ovan of the Twilight Brigade. Ovan eventually disappears, and Shino, Haseo's friend, is placed into a coma by Ovan. Haseo attempts to find power, which leads him to Harald, who gives him power. He eventually tries to face Tri-Edge, though he is completely reset after being data drained. Haseo agrees to assist Yata and Pi, two System Administrators in The World R:2, in their efforts to discover the reason behind recent attacks on players and a sudden increase in AIDA activity. Haseo gains an "Avatar" named Skeith by awakening him, acquiring the ability to call Skeith and wield his abilities. In the real world, Haseo's real name is Ryou Misaki, a social outcast who played as the player killer character Sora in the original series .hack//Games until he was placed into a coma by Skeith and awoke with amnesia. During the development of the game he grows as someone mature who wishes to protect everyone and that enjoys company instead of his cold and lonely self. In the beginning he was in love with Shino but later found interest in Atoli, however his feelings are never shown or declared except in the game during the special wedding events. However, in .hack//LINK, during Tokio's journey in 2017 timeline, it was shown that Haseo declined Shino's invitation to rebuild Twilight Brigade, and then indirectly confessed his feelings to Atoli. In the English version, Haseo is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal in the games and Andrew Francis in the anime.