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Hajime Ichinose of Gatchaman Crowds is the main protagonist, a 16-year old high school girl living in Tachikawa City, who is a new member of the G-Crew.


She is powerful and energetic, has artistic spirit and is a bit strange but in a good way as she is an avid collector of stationery and usually gets overly excited when she finds an item that piques her interest. She is put under the responsibility of Sugane, but usually disobeys his orders and acts on her own. Her actions, despite seeming irresponsible at first, usually bring positive and unexpected results never before seen in Gatchaman activity. Her Gatchaman form has the appearance of girl with pink pigtails and fights with large scissors and other stationery-based tools..

Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (Japanese), Jessica Calvello (English)