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Glaceon (Glacia), known as the Fresh Snow Pokemon.


Being an ice-type, it prefers cold climates, and as a protective measure it freezes its fur completely. This freezing causes the hair to resemble "ice needles."


It is one of two evolutions of Eevee that is obtained from training it in a certain location, the other being Leafeon. The location needed to evolve Eevee into Glaceon is on Route 217 in the Sinnoh region. There is an ice covered rock here, but it is also possible to level up anywhere in grass on Route 217 to evolve. In the Unova region, the rock can be found in a cavern in Twist Mountain. It can be located at the very bottom to the mountain. There is also an ice-covered rock in the Kalos region's Frost Cavern, but the Surf move is required in order to reach it.