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Eruka Frog in Soul Eater


Photo by Yenra

Eruka Frog (Eruka Furoggu) is a frog-themed witch who is enslaved by Medusa after a failed attempt at killing her, resulting in Medusa infesting her body with countless magical snakes that would rip her to shreds.

Eruka is consequently forced to carry out various tasks for Medusa with the promise that one of these snakes be removed for every task she completes. Keeping with her frog-like nature, she makes croaking sounds whenever she speaks. She despises Medusa, believing that her plans threaten the existence of all witches. Cowardly in nature, she has the power to transform herself into a frog to escape from danger and spy on others. She can create tadpole-shaped bombs as weapons, and keeps a giant flying tadpole as a mount. Eventually, with Medusa dead, she is drafted to aid the DWMA in setting up the ceasefire with the other witches.

Voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)