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Erisolsprite from Homestuck


Photo by Yenra

Erisolsprite is Jake English's sprite after being prototyped with Eridan Ampora's and Sollux Captor's corpses by Gamzee Makara.

Erisolsprite is a character from the webcomic Homestuck, created by Andrew Hussie. This character is a unique amalgamation, a sprite formed by combining Eridan Ampora and Sollux Captor, two other characters from the series. Erisolsprite embodies traits from both Eridan and Sollux, resulting in a complex and often conflicted personality. The creation of Erisolsprite occurs during the storyline's exploration of the game mechanics within the Homestuck universe, specifically the concept of prototyping in the game Sburb.

As a sprite, Erisolsprite possesses characteristics of both Eridan and Sollux, including their memories and emotions. This fusion results in a character that often exhibits internal conflict and contradictory behaviors, reflecting the tensions and dynamics that existed between Eridan and Sollux before their combination. Erisolsprite's dialogue and interactions often reveal this inner turmoil, offering insight into the complexities of both characters' personalities and their relationship.

The role of Erisolsprite in Homestuck serves not only as a plot device but also as a means to explore deeper themes of identity, duality, and the consequences of actions within the story's universe. The character adds a unique element to the narrative, providing both humor and depth through its existence and interactions with other characters. Erisolsprite stands out as an example of the innovative and unconventional storytelling that Homestuck is known for.