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Dokugakuji of Saiyuki is Sha Gojyo's full-yōkai half-brother, formerly known as Sha Jien.


He's extremely loyal to Kougaiji. He fights with a large sword which he is able to summon at will (there are only four characters in the series who are able to summon weapons this way: Gojyo, Goku, Dokugaku, and Yaone. He generally serves as Sha Gojyo's opponent.

In the Japanese versions, he was voiced by Dai Matsumoto in the first series and by Jurota Kosugi in Reload and Reload: Gunlock. In the English version, his voice is done by Jason Miesse in episodes 5-18 and later by Mike MacRae in episodes 20-50 of the original series and by Paul St. Peter in Reload and Reload: Gunlock.