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Death the Kid from Soul Eater, called Kid for short, is the son of Lord Death and was created from a part of the Grim Reaper's being like his older brother Asura.


Voiced by: Takako Honda (drama CD), Mamoru Miyano (anime) Todd Haberkorn (English)

Lacking his father's aspect of fear and starting out as a child, Kid grows and developed his own personality.


His status as a Grim Reaper grants him formidable godlike powers such as invincibility to a point. However, as an inheritor of Death's Madness of Order, Kid suffers from a crippling obsessive-compulsive disorder for symmetry in everyday life. As a result, he breaks down upon seeing anything off even by the slightest measurement, which hinders him in his daily life and in battle. This mindset results in him becoming the meister of the Thompson Sisters after seeing their matching weapon forms as a means to preserve his personal symmetry, but unable to fight using one of them while the other is missing. He can also summon a flying skateboard called Beelzebub as both transportation and a weapon. Because of his status as Grim Reaper and a polished meister, Kid is not required to collect souls or attend DWMA, but he does so anyway to create custom weapons suited to his desires.

Kid's most distinguishing feature is the set of three white lines on the left side of his hair called the Lines of Sanzu, which plagues him at times due to their asymmetry. However, the Lines of Sanzu are revealed to be symbol of his status as a Grim Reaper and their eventual connection would awaken his full power, which is to turn his weapons into a single arm cannon. Later in the story, learning of his origins and that he was born flawed and as a child so not to end up like Asura. It seems that Kid initially feared becoming a greater threat than his brother if he unlocked his full potential. But after Maka reminds him that he has a kind and trusting heart, understanding his father's true power in the process, Kid connects the Sanzu Lines and assumes his true form. Thus, killing his father, Lord Death, because only one 'Death' can exist at a time.