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Chocolina is a supporting character who first appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


In Sazh's DLC episode, it is revealed that Chocolina is the chocobo chick that Sazh bought for his son before the events of the first game, with Dajh choosing her name after those events. While Sazh is whisked away to Serendipity, the chocobo gets separated from him and makes a wish to help others. This is granted by Etro and she is given a human body that can exist across all of time. After that, she serves as a merchant and helper to Serah and Noel on their journey. She returns as a supporting character in Lightning Returns, minding the Canvas of Prayers, and also appears in her original chick form during the quest to save Sazh's soul.


Chocolina was originally meant to be a waitress in Serendipity, but her design impressed Toriyama enough that he expanded her role into something akin to a shop clerk, and the director wrote a new backstory and new dialogue for her. Isamu Kamikokuryo said that though Chocolina's jovial manner and scanty outfit at times clashed with the game's overall atmosphere, he felt she was a good inclusion. Chocolina is voiced by Julie Nathanson in English and Seiko Ueda in Japanese.