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Cho Hakkai of Saiyuki is the mild, polite and level-headed member of the group who always looks out for their day-to-day well-being.


Hakkai rarely displays anger, but when he does even Sha Gojyo and Son Goku are afraid of him. He also is able to manipulate chi, allowing him to heal others (depending on how wounded they are), and create blasts of chi and make protective barriers. Hakkai also owns a pet dragon, named Hakuryuu (or Jeep). Formerly, Cho Hakkai had been known as Cho Gonou and worked as a school teacher.

To control his youkai powers, Hakkai wears a set of 3 power limiters, in the form of ear cuffs on his left ear, and he rarely removes them, only doing so when absolutely necessary. As a youkai, although much stronger, he becomes susceptible to the minus waves.

Hakkai is voiced by Akira Ishida in Japanese, and Braden Hunt for the original series and Requiem. Steve Cannon voiced Hakkai in English for Reload and Gunlock. As a child Hakkai is voiced by Saori Higashi in the Japanese version and by Nyl Stewart in the English dub.