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Berg Katze from Gatchaman Crowds is an androgynous, mysterious alien with a diamond-patterned tail who is named after a main villain from the original series.


Katze has the power to assume anyone's identity by kissing them, which he uses to frame people for various crimes. Katze also displays powers of levitation and teleportation. Both Paiman and OD seem to know about Katze, and according to them, Berg Katze is a malicious being whose purpose is to destroy all life in the universe by turning the individuals of the planets Katze attacks against each other, leading them to mutually annihilate themselves. He is responsible for pulling out Rui's Note as well as Rizumu's Note from Insight, allowing them to manifest CROWDS and empower ordinary people. He uses Internet slang to speak, relishes schadenfreude and can turn invisible whenever he wants.