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Atelier landscape

The "Atelier" series is a franchise of role-playing video games (RPGs) developed by the Japanese company Gust Co. Ltd., known for its unique combination of alchemy crafting systems and character-centric storytelling. First introduced in 1997 with "Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg," the series has since expanded to include many sequels and spin-offs. Each installment typically follows a young protagonist, often an aspiring alchemist, on a journey of growth, discovery, and adventure. The series is renowned for its intricate alchemy system where players gather materials and combine them to create new items, which can be used for battling monsters, solving puzzles, or advancing the plot.

Atelier Games

With each new title, "Atelier" games explore different worlds and characters, but they consistently maintain a focus on slice-of-life narratives, where daily activities and character interactions play a significant role in the gameplay experience. Unlike many RPGs that emphasize grand, world-saving quests, the "Atelier" series often finds its charm in the more personal and relatable ambitions of its characters. The games are also noted for their bright, anime-inspired art style, and a lighthearted tone that contrasts with the more serious and dramatic themes prevalent in the genre. This combination of crafting, exploration, and storytelling has garnered "Atelier" a loyal fan base and makes it stand out in the RPG market.