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One of the Six God-Generals, Arietta the Wild (妖獣のアリエッタ Yoju no Arietta) of Tales of the Abyss is a timid girl who was raised by ligers after losing her parents to the Hod war.


She controls monsters and animals which aid her in battle and wishes to take revenge on Luke's party for killing the liger queen that raised her. She resents Anise for taking her place as Fon Master Guardian, unknowing that the original Ion whom she had fallen in love with had died and was replaced with the Ion that Anise was assigned to. It is revealed by Largo that Van deliberately refrained from informing her of the real Ion's death since it was believed that she would kill herself if she knew. She is killed during a duel with Anise after Ion sacrifices himself by using up too much of his strength while reading the Hidden Score. She is the first of the God-Generals to die causing Largo, who oversaw her duel with Anise, to swear to avenge her. Her voice actress in Japanese is Satsuki Yukino and her English voice actress is Kate Higgins.