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Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

Predominant Colors

Greenish Black
Drab Green
Hip Hop

About Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

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Content details
TitleGenderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4
HeadlineCosplay in Nature
DescriptionNathan Drake has attracted mainly positive reviews, many focusing on his likability. Tom Cross of Gamasutra called Drake a lovable jerk who is light, flippant, and just plain fun, calling him a perfect caricature of a scoundrel. Stephen Totilo of Kotaku remarked that: the short take is that Nathan Drake has attitude without being a jerk, and he cheerfully but woefully gets in over his head. This helps make him charming rather than annoying. Comparing Drake to a similar character, Matt Casamassina at IGN claimed: Nathan Drake, the hero in Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2, is more realistic, funny, charming, likable and altogether human in 30 minutes than Leon S. Kennedy is through an entire career of Resident Evil games. Rush Frushtick at UGO admitted that Drake may appear to be a dick, but that he was a likable dick. GamesRadar listed Nathan as one of the 25 best new characters of the decade, contrasting him with characters like Halo protagonist Master Chief and Marcus Fenix of the Gears of War series in that unlike them, Drake is never in control of the situation. Empire also included Drake on their list of the 50 greatest video game characters, ranking him as 22nd. Nathan Drake is also seen as a PlayStation mascot.
Keywords cosplay
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