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Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

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About Genderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

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Content details
TitleGenderbend Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4
HeadlineCosplay in Nature
DescriptionNaughty Dog wanted Drake to embody the everyman archetype. E. Daniel Arey, former Naughty Dog creative director, stated that there is a fine line between jerk and lovable rogue, and that they developed Drake to be more human and accessible. If a hero constantly shows their human side, said Arey, we relate and forgive any seeming overconfidence because we’ve all been there. Neil Druckmann, lead designer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, explained that Drake was meant to react to situations in the manner that the average player might. Hennig commented: ... when we set out to do Uncharted, we decided we wanted to tackle one of these beloved action-adventure games in the spirit of this whole tradition. We knew that in order to pull it off, we had to have a hero who was completely relatable, just a regular guy. So when people saw him and said Why do I want to play a guy in t-shirt and jeans that was a deliberate move on our part, to say look, he's just a guy. He's just like you and me.
Keywords cosplay, waterfall
CreditEveille Cosplay
CopyrightYenra Corporation 2016
Technical details
Focal Length85.0 mm
Shutter Speed1/125
Camera ModelNIKON D600
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.8 (Windows)
Camera ProfileCamera Vivid
Color Temperature4300
Create Date2016:10:09 11:03:50
Lens85.0 mm f/1.4

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