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Morrigan Closeup

Morrigan Closeup

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Content details
TitleMorrigan Closeup
HeadlineAUSA Friday
DescriptionUtilizing a third-person perspective, the combat in Origins is largely similar to BioWare's previous Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The player and any companions engage in combat with the weapons they have equipped when the player targets or is noticed by a hostile enemy. Players can swap weapons and perform special attacks during combat, but most of these attacks have a recharge time. The point of view can be shifted from third person to a top-down view, where friendly and hostile units are labelled with different colors to distinguish them. At the end of a battle the characters' health and stamina, which powers a character's skills, are automatically refilled. When an enemy is defeated, the player collects any items or loot from its corpse.
Keywords cosplay, dragon age, morrigan
CreditCosplayer: Maggie Mei Lewis; Cosplay: Serenity's Revenge Cosplay
EventAnime USA 2016
CopyrightYenra Corporation 2016
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Technical details
Focal Length85.0 mm
Shutter Speed1/80
Camera ModelNIKON D600
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.8 (Windows)
Camera ProfileCamera Vivid
Color Temperature4018
Create Date2016:10:21 14:46:57
Lens85.0 mm f/1.4

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