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Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

Predominant Colors

Style Pasifika Blue Whale
Brandy Rose
Dark Green
Boring Green
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown

About Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

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Content details
TitleCheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts
HeadlineCosplay Photography at Anime USA
DescriptionPet of the Will of the Abyss - A chain that lives in a dimension created from Alice's memories. He resembles a human form of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire was actually Alice's pet cat from 100 years ago. The bell around his neck is the 'truth' from 100 years ago, later taken by Break. The Cheshire cat is a unique chain in that he doesn't need a contractor in order to leave the Abyss (since his residence isn't in the Abyss in the first place). Originally believed to be a fervent servant of the Intention of the Abyss, it later turns out that he is trying to protect Alice's memories that she abandoned, in order to prevent her from suffering pain when she recalls them. Break mentions that Cheshire's eye was his. It is revealed in Break's memory of meeting the Will of the Abyss that Vincent had removed Cheshire's eyes 100 years ago, killing him. Cheshire also has only one eye, since the Abyss only took one of Break's eyes when it showed his memories. Cheshire can also be connected to 'Through the Looking Glass' as Alice's cat 'Kitty'. Kitty is black and has a ribbon tied around his neck.
Keywords cheshire cat, cosplay
EventAnime USA 2014
CopyrightYenra Corporation 2013
Technical details
Focal Length85.0 mm
Shutter Speed1/1000
Camera ModelNIKON D600
SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.8 (Windows)
Camera ProfileCamera Vivid
Color Temperature4200
Create Date2013:09:13 16:19:38
Lens85.0 mm f/1.4
Lens IDAF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G

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